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Drawing from Line to Life:
Beginner (The 8 Week Drawing Course)

Drawing from Line to Life - 8-week Beginners Course Self-directed lessons
204 pages
250 Illustrations
Resource + Activity
Only $9.99 USD
From Drawspace Publishing
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JD Hillberry
Bradenton, FL :
(Near Sarasota)
April 28 - 30, 2017

Subject: TBA

Bradenton, FL :
(Near Sarasota)
May 5 - 7, 2017

Subject: TBA

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Pencil Kit & DVD
Everything I supply in my live workshops
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Presented by  JD Hillberry  and  Mike Sibley

"White Bouquet"
JD Hillberry
"Bindweed and Hoverfly"
Mike Sibley

Everyone is welcome here - from Beginner to Advanced and Amateur to Professional. This is the place for:

  • Positive critiques and assistance with every stage of your drawing progression
  • A warm, friendly atmosphere where you'll feel right at home
  • Help with those sticky problems such as Copyright, Printing, Sales, Composition, and any other art-related subject
  • And comfy chairs in the TDF Café where you can chat in comfort to other members
  • Register now and join us - completely free of charges
Fed up with Facebook? Lost interest in Pinterest? Twitter has lost its glitter? There are many social-networking sites and forums that will give you plenty of compliments but very rarely much constructive criticism. To progress as an artist, whatever your abilities, you need sound advice and honesty by fellow artists who care about your work. That's what THE DRAWING FORUM provides.

Receiving critiques from artists who understand your aims, visions and techniques, and who know how to steer you towards your ultimate goal, really is the best way to learn. Friends and family will always tell you it's "wonderful" but rarely give you the constructive criticism you need. We all need a pat on the back occasionally, and you will receive them, but we built this forum as a home for learning - so join us, learn along with us, and maybe help those who have yet to attain your own abilities. Help us to make THE DRAWING FORUM an even more special centre of excellence.